Software Services

Laser Engrave

The laser engraving machine software is used for crystal engraving and glass engraving. Read DXF point cloud files or photos, control the galvanometer and platform to engrave beautiful 3D patterns inside the crystal.

3D Printing SLA

The 3D model is read by Magics slicing software to form a slc file. Our software reads the slc file, controls the laser, galvanometer and platform to achieve the machining process. Form industrial-grade precision objects for modeling, verification, and manufacturing.

Picosecond Cutting

Mainly used in glass cutting such as mobile phone screens. The picosecond laser uses a laser beam to sweep the material to be cut multiple times. The calculation algorithm makes the laser spread on multiple levels in one plane and expands several times in height.
The hardware platform solution is rtc5 plus a motion platform control card. Achieve multiple pieces of seamless stitching, the perfect combination of processing quality and large size.
Use high-resolution camera for machining positioning and galvanometer correction. Under the magnifying glass and CCD, the stitching marks are not seen at all.

Cam Position & Measure

High-precision (5 million) camera for automatic positioning and automatic calibration. The resolution is 3.2 um.

With galvanometer scanning laser processing, high speed can be achieved, but there is distortion. So we need automatic correction, especially when it needs to be spliced. In the picosecond cutting, because the camera automatically measures the correction, although it is a straight line or an arc divided into blocks, no stitching is seen under the magnifying glass.

Therefore, it can be applied to various galvanometers where splicing is required, such as picosecond laser cutting, inner carving, and large-format stitching.

For 3D printing, although splicing is not required, but machining precision is required, it is also very suitable for this application.