The laser engraving machine software is used for laser crystal engraving and glass engraving.

Save 3D solid models through popular 3D model design software such as AUTOCAD, 3DMAX, and save as DXF files. The literary engraving software reads the physical data, and cuts the layer to form a point cloud with evenly distributed surface through multi-directional cutting, and ensures that the distance of any two points is not less than the set process breaking distance, so that the crafts are very beautifully processed. The processed products can be evaluated from all directions by software, zoom, stereo rotation, translation, and 3-direction projection. Support network processing production mode, the formed point cloud can be output as dxf file, and display evaluation in other software such as AUTOCAD, 3DMAX. Evaluation software for 3D calculations can be downloaded.

Since 2002, we have developed the Lee & Man internal engraving software and registered in China in 2004. With the changes in the market, there are constantly new requirements, and the internal works of Lee & Man are constantly improving and upgrading.

The lithography internal control software can directly read DXF point cloud files or photos, and achieve large-format splicing according to the block parameters. According to the route optimization calculation, high-efficiency and high-quality crystal engraving processing is realized. The internal engraving control simulation evaluation software can be downloaded.

Our 3D internal engraving software itself does not perform complex 3D design and editing, and is implemented by professional 3D modeling software such as 3DMAX, with only proportional and offset functions. However, the LW internal engraving software reads the three-dimensional entity represented by the standard DXF file, transforms the solid model into a point cloud with evenly distributed surface through very scientific and advanced calculation methods, and then produces a beautiful internal engraving craft by laser 3D output.
The lithography software has the following features:
★ 3D solids are designed by professional graphics software such as AUTOCAD and 3DMAX
★ Setting parameters include slice thickness, surface point density of each layer, edge point density, and solid scaling, translation
★ The point cloud with evenly distributed surface truly represents the 3D solid model, while ensuring that the spatial distance of any two points is not less than the process breaking distance.
★ Zoom, pan, stereo rotation, three-direction projection, help you to examine 3D solid model and point cloud renderings from various angles, partial or whole, and appreciate and evaluate crystal engraving crafts with software.
★ The point cloud output is optimized for the process. The order of the output is from the bottom to the top. In each layer, the movement of X and Y is also optimized to follow the route.
★ With network point cloud output function, point cloud generation and output can be 2 computers connected to the network, regardless of distance and space
★ Point cloud can reversely form DXF files and check and modify them in three-party software such as AUTOCAD and 3DMAX. Of course, the three-party software can also output point clouds to form internal carving crafts. In the evaluation software, this function is disabled, and only the front point cloud is output.
★ Using the concept of layer, you can control the surface point density of different 3D solids, the edge point density, and achieve the harmony between production efficiency and handicraft quality. 3D designers can also achieve special effects.
★ Add flat images, photos, and support 6 file formats (bmp, gif, pcx, tga, jpg, tif) to produce special effects.